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Pittman Park United Methodist Church Renovation

Statesboro, Georgia


The Pittman Park United Methodist Church renovation consists of renovating 6,000 SF of existing classroom and office space to better suit a Contemporary Youth Ministry and updating the finishes and fixtures for 5 daycare rooms. 

The original classrooms built in the 1950’s had concrete block walls and flat plaster ceilings.  The owner requested an updated look that would be new and exciting for the Youth Ministry. The concept was to raise the ceilings of the classrooms, enlarge the youth meeting room, add a stage, kitchen, lighting and technology to allow the youth to hold a high energy multi-media service. The renovation of the corridor incorporates the elements of a street scene to emphasize the theme “Main Street at the Park”.  A concrete micro-topping was used on the corridor floor for the cobble stone look and the classroom doors had uniquely designed storefronts to reflect the classroom theme. 

The Daycare rooms all received a fresh coat of paint and were outfitted with new cabinets, cubbies, counter tops, sinks, and fixtures.  Acoustical ceilings were added with fluorescent and dimmable can lights. 

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