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OTC - Hagan


The Ogeechee Technical College Commercial Truck Driving & Fire Science site in Hagan, Georgia is a 40 acre site that incorporates a commercial truck driving training course, classroom building, and a 3 bay maintenance building into a compact educational environment.  Martin Rule & Associates developed a master plan of the site, laid out the commercial truck driving track and designed the two educational buildings.

The Commercial Truck Driving & Fire Science Classroom Building is a 6,800 square feet facility designed around the commercial truck driving program.  The largest of 5 classrooms was designed around a truck driving simulator, and two of the general purpose classrooms were designed with a movable wall between them to create a 1,100 square feet meeting room.  The building also hosts a library, student lounge, and faculty offices.

The 3 bay maintenance building is a 2,600 square feet preengineered metal building that will be used as a classroom for Diesel Mechanics and the maintenance of large trucks.

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