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Pineland Telephone

Metter, Georgia

Pineland Telephone was the renovation of approximately 2,600 SF of existing space and the addition of exterior hardscape; along with a new corner entry.  With a project budget of roughly $300,000, the goal was to create a comprehensive showroom highlighting all of the company's services in one high-tech, customer friendly space.  It was also important that the design elements, materials and colors be reproducible and adaptable to other locations in order to serve as a new branding package for the company moving forward.  The high-tech look uses perforated metal panels, programmable LED strip lighting, flat panel LED fixtures, a ceiling hung, visual timeline of the company's history, custom designed service counters, custom built aluminum video kiosks and color schemes that work together to form a retail space that is uniquely Pineland.  The mixture of warm and cool materials/colors are intended to present a modern image while still respecting Pineland's long history of service to the community.  Each piece was designed specifically for Pineland to serve as part of their unique branding package with no mass produced design features.  The exterior tries to blend a very traditional existing building with the new and modern image.  The brick used is complimentary to the existing, without matching it exactly, and the corner tower features perforated and laser cut metal signage with storefront windows angled 12 degrees outward.  New angular, brick planters are provided to soften the design with vegetation.  A new handicap ramp with a large, curved retaining wall also serves to soften the transition from traditional to modern.

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