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Bulloch County Courthouse


The Bulloch County Courthouse is a circa 1900 building listed on the National Historical Register.  Over the years, many renovations left the interior of the building in a state that barely resembled the original.  The project involved  restoration of the exterior and a complete replacement/ restoration of interior finishes, including returning the Courtroom to its original two story space with a balcony.  Interior design was provided to help coordinate the finishes and furnishings.In Preparation for the Restoration of the Bulloch County Courthouse, Historical photographs were used to help recreate spaces and elements of the building.  Exterior components, such as the column capitals, were replaced to stabilize the facades.  On the interior, new Mechanical and Electrical Systems were installed while maintaining the original high wood ceilings in public spaces.  Balustrades for the stairwells and the courtroom were restored as well.

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